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Thanks for enquiring about Custom made to order linen from Linea Casa. We will be in contact as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out our best selling products, and learn more about our luxury European Linen in our FAQ! 

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Linea Casa's custom made to order range can make bespoke bed linen, duvet covers, table linen, bed accessories, bath linen to any size, shape or fabric you desire. The opportunities are endless! Whether you need a unique gift or specially sized product for your home, almost our entire collection can be customised to fit your needs and desires.

Proper care of linens will ensure that you will get many years of use from them. In order to assure their long life, alternate your sheets on a regular basis. Three sets are normally enough. One set on the bed, one set in the wash and one set in the linen cabinet. Always wash your linens with a non-chlorine liquid detergent. Wash in gentle cycle with warm water.  TIP - to minimise your ironing, rewash the sheets in a delicate cycle without detergent. Always line dry.Tumble drying reduces the life span of your linens.

Literally the oldest luxury fibre, linen textiles have been used in households for more than ten thousand years. Today, a special secret shared by discerning people around the world is: pure linen sheets not only become softer and more lustrous with every use, but wicks away moisture from the body keeping you cool and dry. Due to the biological makeup of linen, it is often more desirable than cotton in hot and humid climates. Linen sheets are also a wonderful suggestion for people with special skin concerns.

When you buy Italian cotton sheets you actually buy the best of both worlds as Italian mills buy most of their cotton from Egypt. It is a well known fact that the Egyptians grow the best quality cotton in the world.  Add to that, the Italians experience of thousands of years in weaving textiles and you end up having the best cotton fabrics in the world.

Both jacquards and damasks are woven textile designs. Woven jacquard designs are created on jacquard loom and are generally used for sheeting and table cloth weight fabrics. Woven damask is generally created with heavier yarns to create bed covers fabrics, wall coverings and furniture fabrics. In Australia we use the term damask to describe the jacquard fabrics as well.

All fabrics constructed from natural fibres will shrink. We anticipate this shrinkage at production level and allow a 3 to 5 shrinkage factor. A 7% shrinkage is allowed on bedspreads. If you are still worried, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Marcella or Matalasse bedspreads have long been a traditional item passed down from generation to generation.. Everybody’s grandmother had one in their glory box. Today, like hundreds of years ago, these bedspreads are still very popular and seen as an investment. Normally, if used under normal household usage they can last for many generation.

At Linea Casa we have two distinct types of bedspreads.The Marcella fabric from Portugal for easy care and little ironing. The Marcella bedspreads from Italy are thicker, but require more care.

Please note: As of 1st June 2021, we are unable to accept new orders. Please be sure to keep an eye on our website for future updates.